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Experience Rating Modification Analysis

A contractor's Workers' Compensation Experience Rating Modification (EMR) is often a confusing and misunderstood component of their insurance program that can have significant ramifications on the price they pay for Workers' Compensation.  Many construction contracts require that a contractor's EMR be at or below 1.00 and understanding the complexities that make up this factor can be frustrating. We make it easy. 

J.D. Kutter provides a detailed Mod Analysis Diagnostic that projects and verifies your EMR, helping you determine if you have frequency or severity issues, and helping you better manage your EMR.  This process may help save you thousands of dollars on your Workers' Compensation premiums as well as:
  • Identify losses that are driving your EMR and how much those losses cost you in additional premium.
  • Ensure that your EMR is accurate.
  • Show how much of your EMR can be controlled.
  • Identify ways to lower your EMR down the road.


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