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Most professional liability claims can be mitigated or avoided by paying attention to a few helpful rules:
  1. Verify....Never Assume.
  2. Have an excellent disclaimer (THIS NEEDS TO BE PROVIDED AND REVIEWED BY AN ATTORNEY).
  3. Know the local codes and ordinances and be forthright about occupancy inspections.
  4. When in doubt, check with another authority.
  5. Document your observations.  Note exactly what you see....and where.
  6. Explain what is the NORM.
  7. Quote the code when practical.
  8. Keep your word
  9. NEVER estimate the cost to fix something.
  10. Be able to defend your statements and make a recommendation when needed.
  11. Don't be an authority, just an observer.
  12. Over-Communicate.
  13. Be neutral.  To both the buyer and the seller BE FAIR.
  14. Saying "I Don't Know" is okay.
  15. NEVER guarantee anything.
  16. Educate through observation.
  17. Be careful not to give timeframes as to when things in the future can be accomplished (repairs, etc.).  Delay IS the norm. 
  18. NEVER try to estimate the size of an insect infestation, nor when it can be eradicated.
  19. Be very careful when the site has been wired with aluminum wiring.
  20. Always ask the client to check with another authority (City Public Works, electrician, roofer, etc.) when more clarification or observation is necessary. 
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