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Surety Bonds

A sound surety work program is key to contractors performing public and private work alike.  In today's challenging economic climate, maintaining a healthy bond program is an integral component of bidding (and getting) work.  We help our contractor clients understand what drives a bond program, how sureties think, and how to maintain and grow their work programs. 

Our key services include:


  • Analyzing current financial presentation
  • Recommending how to get and maximize a surety work program
  • Presenting you to the surety or sureties that make sense for your company
  • Same-day bid bond and final bond execution and delivery
  • Coordinating underwriting meetings with surety partners
  • Assisting with Subcontractor pre-qualification
  • Providing prospective owners with letters on your behalf
  • Helping you understand the surety concerns within Joint Venture partnerships

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