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A Contractor's claim experience is one of the key drivers that affect long term insurance pricing.  Claims are costly, drive down production, and impact construction companies in myriad ways.  We approach our clients' claims on two distinct fronts:  Pre-Claim Management (Loss Control) and Post-Claim Management

Stopping a claim before it happens is key.  A contractor's hiring practices, safety protocol, fleet safety program, job-site safety program, contractual risk transfer mechanisms, and ongoing Loss Control training are all integral components towards driving down claim frequency and severity.  We help our clients to establish (or enhance) a Loss Control program that makes sense for them by helping provide them the resources they need to create and maintain a safe work environment and transfer risk.  This helps them maximize their Return on Investment of their most valuable asset - Human Capital. 

Unfortunately claims are part of the construction business.  Managing how a claim is handled differentiates our firm from others in the construction risk management industry.  Each of our clients has a dedicated claims consultant that works with their insurance carrier to help that client control the cost of its claim or help ensure that the claim is covered.  

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